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All our clients have a return guarantee for 30 natural days from the day you receive your product where we shall refund the full amount of the purchase



**Please do not send any product before you have contacted us first. You can send us an email or you can fill the return form. click here to access the form



1- Any product shall not be returned if its already used or unsealed



2- The products shall be returned as new, with the original seals and labels. A return shall be denied in case the original seal of the product is damaged or missing.

The return of garments or products already used or incomplete (underwear, insoles, spray) will not be accepted for reasons of personal hygiene


3- To proceed to the return the client shall send the product to our facilities. The client can chose the method of shipping (courier or postal mail) and shall pay for the freight.



The product shall be delivered to the following address:


Padelpoint Europa SL

Avda. Villajoyosa 77

Nave Citroen

La Nucía 03530 Alicante




4- Any return request shall be accepted by Tienda Padelpoint team prior to the process of return. The client shall send all the details of the return open a ticket HERE




5- The refund of the purchase amount shall be processed by the following terms:



5.1- If the client has either paid the shipping cost or had free shipping, we shall return the amount of the products except the shipping costs, as long as its a full return of all the products of the purchase.


5.2- If the client returns only a part of the products of the purchase we shall return the full amount of the products that shall be returned in case the client had free shipping.


5.3- If the client returns only a part of the products of the purchase we shall return the amount of the products minus the shipping costs, in case the client had shipping costs on the purchase.



6- Once our accounting department confirms the amount to be refunded, we shall proceed to make the refund in a period no longer than a 14 working days​ from the confirmation of the return. We shall refund the amount via the same method that the client made the payment of the purchase. The client has the option to request a gift card to use in further purchases instead of receiving the refund. If the client does not have a valid system to get the refund we shall send a gift card for the amount of the accepted refund.



7. If any of the products purchased had gifts included (balls, over-grip, t-shirt, etc.) they shall be returned along with the product, new and unsealed. Otherwise we shall not accept the return.

Any doubts please contact HERE











The client shall request the exchange to our team by email HERE or by filling the exchange/return form. To access the form click here.



The client shall proceed to a size exchange following this steps:


1.1 Indicate on the email or form, your name, email, order number and which products and sizes you want to make the exchange for.


2.2 Once we confirm the availability of the product you want to exchange, you shall send the products to our warehouse. You can chose the method of shipping (courier or postal mail) and shall pay for the freight.

The return of garments or products already used or incomplete (underwear, insoles, spray) will not be accepted for reasons of personal hygiene


The product shall be delivered to the following address:


Padelpoint Europa SL

Av. Villajoyosa 77

Nave Citroen

La Nucía 03530 Alicante




3.3 Once we receive the products and confirm they arrived in perfect conditions (complete, new, not used, unsealed, labels included…) we shall charge the shipping costs for the exchange which is the same as a regular purchase (the amount may vary according to the country) and we shall proceed to send the items to you.


3.4 In the case of an exchange you shall not include the gifts on the return(in case the product had gifts included). You shall only send the product you want to exchange, with the original seal and labels.








1- Some of our products include gifts. If Tienda Padelpoint arranges an extra discount or matches a price to other offers, the gifts shall be removed from the promotion of that particular product.



2- In the case of a return, if the client does not return also the gifts, they shall be charged to the client for its market value (prices stated Tienda Padelpoint e-shop). This amount will be deduced from the refund the client shall receive for the return.



3- The gifts are subject to availability. We keep the right to change the color, model or product included on the gifts for others of the same value or higher, without previous notice.



4- If you have already purchased one product and you want another one with different gifts please let us know HERE








1.- In accordance with current regulations on guarantees for consumer goods, our products are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of the purchase invoice, although during the first six months the defect that the product may present is It is presumed that it originates from the factory, unless there is proof to the contrary, and the consumer must demonstrate that it is also a defect originating from the factory if it occurs after the sixth month and before two years.


2.- To activate the guarantee, you must open a ticket in the customer service support indicating the web order number and attaching images of the defective product (if it is a racket, photos of both sides, upper frame, sides, code Qr/bars or the lateral external one if it had one and all the defects that it presents -if they are shoes, photos in general, sole and the tongue inside, etc) and a brief explanation of the request (when it happened, what happened, what received like this, failure in transport, etc )


3.- The Warranty Department will respond with the steps to follow, depending on the product and manufacturer, (how to send us the product, lack of documents for processing, etc.) You can check the status of your ticket.


The manufacturer can receive the photos during the process and determine without physical analysis, if the blade is accepted or not.

The product has to be sent by the buyer if it is only required and needs a deeper evaluation, assuming the costs. The warranty process takes 1 to 3 weeks from the receipt of the item at our facilities, or from the day it was requested by email, always depending on the time required by the manufacturer.

At the time that the manufacturer communicates its decision on the product to be reviewed, we will communicate to the client a certain decision where three situations can occur:

Have the technical service fix the product and return it to the customer.

- That the technical service change the item for a new one. In this case, the same item will ALWAYS be returned, and it is not possible to exchange it for a different one (except for lack of stock). In the absence of stock, you can find another model or leave the money as a credit for a future purchase with a coupon that will not expire.

An accepted guarantee will only be exchanged for store products and will NEVER be considered a refund.


That the technical service determines that the product does not have a manufacturing fault and that the change or repair is not appropriate. In this case, the original product will be returned to the customer. Transportation costs will always be borne by the customer. (if the product was previously sent to our warehouse), and will be sent with its rejected guarantee letter issued by the manufacturer.


*Customers with guarantees outside of Spain, in the event that the guarantee has been accepted and they want to change, they must take care of the shipping costs or leave it as a credit for a future purchase with a coupon that would not expire.




4.- Padelpoint Store and Padelpoint Europe, is an intermediary between the manufacturer and the client for the positive solution of the change or return of a product, carrying out the appropriate steps to resolve the file of the product under guarantee.


(Arts. 114 et seq. of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the defense of consumers and users and other complementary laws - BOE nº 287, of 30 November 2007)

Note: The guarantee includes: Breaks and cracks in the plane of the blades that affect the structure of the product. Paint damage that has not been caused by hitting the wall, floor or another blade. Sometimes slight cracks appear in the paint layer that are no more than a mere aesthetic defect and do not affect the functionality of the product. This is due to the use of blades with very soft cores with very hard frames, and therefore a paint that adapts well to the different flexibilities of both materials has not yet been found. You must understand that we always abide by the last word in the opinion corresponding to the policies and analysis of the brands where it will be determined in the laboratory, if the breakage is caused by blows and/or misuse or due to a defect in the origin of the product.

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